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Are you seeking the perfect gift for a spouse, a family member, or friend?  Then share a relaxing experience with them in the privacy of our couple’s suite. Where each of you will enjoy a relaxing Swedish Massage by two educated massage therapists.


This soothing massage uses light to medium pressure, long, smooth and kneading strokes that move along the superficial layers of the muscle. Your therapist may also combine rhythmic tapping, circular movements and joint movement to help alleviate tension. So come and bask in comfort, as we help revive you back to your greatest potential.




Couples Massage (2 guests) *No additional fees VIP Membership Pricing 60 Minutes $80.00 90 Minutes $140.00 Guest Pricing 60 Minutes $120.00 90 Minutes $180.00

*There is a $5.00 mobile fee and an additional charge of .58 cents a mile for travel to any destination outside of the studio.

*Drinking water immediately following a massage is encouraged to help flush any metabolic waste from the tissues.

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