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Ginny Veit 

Marlene is an amazing massage therapist. I look forward to every appointment with her. She starts each visit by asking about my goals and where I would like her to focus. I have trouble with one shoulder and she devotes plenty of time to working out the tension in that spot, which is exactly what I want. She is attentive and makes sure to find the right pressure for me. Marlene is pleasant and kind, just a lovely person. We typically chat, but I can tell that she lets her client lead the way. If I’m quiet, she’s quiet too. So if I don’t feel like chatting it’s perfectly fine. I come away from each visit relaxed, refreshed, and having the kinks worked out of that one troublesome spot. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to get back for my next visit!


Patricia Givens

I was EH first client.  I have continued to receive superb service.  The ambiance of their facility is very relaxing and inviting.  Lucito and Marlene takes their time to ensure that their clients receive excellent service.  I have issues with my back.  Since I have been receiving the massages from Lucito and Marlene I am able to stand for longer periods of time now.  The rhythmic movements they use is very relaxing and the deep tissue massage really helps me a lot.  I highly recommend Massage by Educated Hands to any one who is looking for relief of pain or just want to relax. 


Dr. Kahlila Lawrence

Massage by Educated Hands is an amazing company. They are extremely attentive to the needs of their clients, and they create a safe space each and every time I walk in. I have been a client since they opened, and it has been one of the best decisions I have made for my physical health. Unlike other establishments where you might have to work with a different therapist from time to time (which can sometimes lead to a less than optimal experience), Marlene and Lucito get to know their clients very well and help to improve their wellness overtime. I highly recommend incorporating the services provided by Massage by Educated Hands into your personal wellness plan!

What makes us different?

Many of our guests have expressed that receiving a massage at Massage by Educated Hands has been the best experience they have ever received because of:

  • the specific attention the licensed therapist provided to focus areas

  • the professionalism the therapist display with every guest

  • and the fact that the therapist check in with the guest throughout the massage, ensures that their goals for the massage were met.


At Massage by Educated Hands, we also take time prior to the massage to explain what we will do to ensure that our guests feel comfortable and safe.


In addition to our relaxing studio, we are also a mobile massage company that have the ability to commute to our guest homes, businesses or special events, all the while providing competitive pricing.


Shemia Hollingshed

The massage I received was very relaxing and professional massage Very inviting atmosphere!  I love that the location is convenient and right off of the interstate.  Thank you so much Massage by Educated Hands! 

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Cedric & Tessa Mitchell

My wife and I booked a couples massage for a recent date night. It was a great experience! The atmosphere was calming & professional. The staff gave us their undivided attention & worked miracles on our tired muscles. The price was great and we are pleased with our massage therapists!

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Erika Hall, APRN-C

As a Nurse Practitioner, I know just how important therapeutic touch is. When I decided to work on my mental health which included self-care, I was divinely connected to Massage Therapists Lucito and Marlene. The scheduling was seamless. From the first encounter to our follow up communications, you can tell that you are valued. Lucito and Marlene, are professional, cordial, and welcoming. After a few sessions, you really start to feel like family. They know your preferences, they're eager to chat about life, and they always make sure you are satisfied.


The location is easy to find, and I love the one on one attention you get. Currently, there are no wait times and you get the full attention of your therapist.

I’ve had many massages but let me give my HONEST opinion, each therapist has their own unique features, but the end results are the same. Impeccable 5-star massages! I have been faithful in my sessions and will continue as long as they’re operating.

I can assure anyone that they will receive great customer service and an outstanding massage.

Happy Client


Deb N.

The massages I've had with Marlene always leave me feeling pain free and totally relaxed. I highly recommend Marlene and I recommend her to all my friends too!

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Tonya & Keith Wright

My husband and I love getting couple massages...however, the thought of walking into an unknown facility, not knowing the core values of the people running a business nor the person touching Gods temple was nerve wrecking and I couldn't truly relax. That was until we tried Massage by Educated Hands. Marlene is extremely professional and knowledgeable and made both my husband and I feel very comfortable while getting our massage. She always sets the atmosphere for nothing less than perfection; for example, with the smooth soothing music playing in the background or the check-in’s ensuring she hit the most needed muscles. Massage by Educated Hands is and will always be our go to spot for our day dates, to just get away with each other or to release some tension. We love the services and so will you! GOD BLESS! 



If you have not had the opportunity to get a massage by this company you are missing out.  Whenever my body is aching or I'm in need of relaxation I call massage by Educated Hands.  I absolutely love Marlene.  She is awesome and will get you right.


Britianey Harris

I received a deep tissue massage by Marlene. It was everything I needed and more! She was able to identify and workout knots that I didn’t even know I had! Immediately after our session I felt a spring in my step and my workout the next day was pain free. I highly recommend Massage by Educated Hands for anyone looking for professional, top notch service!


April L. Flowers

Educated hands gave me the best massage I've ever had. Their attention to the body is amazing. It was my 50th birthday and they made me feel like a queen.  I highly recommend that you see Marlene and Lucito of Educated Hands for attention to what ails you, or to just treat yourself to an incredible experience!


Mialana Johnson

Marlene was amazing!  This was THEE BEST Massage I’ve ever received.  She was very accommodating and knowledgeable while rendering my services.  The environment was very conducive for relaxation.  I would highly recommend Massage by Educated Hands for your next relaxation session.


Massage by Educated Hands


Gary Givens, Jr.

Educated Hands did an excellent job with my Sports Massage. They were very professional and knowledgeable about my injuries. During treatment, they knew how to manipulate my muscles to get them to respond and stretch.


Massage by Educated Hands

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